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MAGOXX® Magnesium Oxide boards are fireproof (Classification A1) and sustainable (50% lower carbon footprint and 100% recyclable). MAGOXX helps you reduce costs and efforts of your building process for new constructions, interior constructions, modular building and renovation projects.


MAGOXX board is an ideal fire resistant building material to apply in the facade. The use of the board provides a lot of freedom as any kind of finishes like: plaster, corc, paint and stonestrips. This way the advanced properties of the board are combined with an attractive finishing. Even in the most humid of environments, MAGOXX Board will not deteriorate or host fungi or insect life.


MAGOXX Board is the ideal product for constructing strong and stylish interior walls. Our Boards are fire-and impact resistant, lightweight and ideal for all finishes (wood, stone, ceramic and clay). Our boards are easy to use, no matter whether you are screwing, stapling or gluing.

MAGOXX Board is easy to machine and can be mounted on wood-batten or metal-stud frames using ordinary power tools.


Brand new, in addition to the currently existing windstopper and windbreaker we developed the revolutionary Stormstopper. This brand new application of MAGOXX Magnesium boards is a game changer. This easy to use, fireproof and sustainable solution is available in sizes 1200mm*3000mm. It’s used in construction to keep wind and rain out for up to 12 months.


MAGOXX Board is the ideal product for constructing floors. MAGOXX Board is fire and impact resistant, lightweight and has great heat conduction properties.

MAGOXX Board can be used to make system floors, floor constructions with infrared foil and floor constructions with standard underfloor heating.

Benefits are a short project lead-time and energy efficiency.


MAGOXX Board is the ideal product for constructing ceilings. MAGOXX Board is fire and impact resistant, lightweight, highly insulating and ideal for all finishes. Even in the most humid of environments, MAGOXX Board will not deteriorate or host fungi or insect life. MAGOXX Board is easy to machine.


The combination of Magoxx board with infrared heating system is one of our new product innovations. This system has been specially developed for making new-build houses and renovation projects more sustainable. By combining Karbonik’s heating foil with our MAGOXX boards, we provide an energy-saving, dry-build floor and wall heating system. The heating system uses carbon-based infrared heating; a natural and very comfortable method of heating with low energy consumption. We combine the Karbonik infrared foil with MAGOXX Board. The combination Magoxx and heating foil has already been used on several renovation projects.

Many monuments, offices, hotels, holiday parks, villas and (tiny) houses have already been made more sustainable with this method of heating.

The perfect solution for new buildings, renovations and zero-energy projects!

The pro’s of working with MAGOXX

MAGOXX Magnesium Oxide Boards are CE Certified.

  • Class A1 incombustible
  • Up to 90 minutes fire retardant
  • The perfect solution for creating a safe environment

All of our products are tested according to the European directives that apply in the field of safety, health and the environment. MAGOXX Plates are non-combustible (class A1). When applied correctly, a 9 mm MAGOXX Sheet can easily achieve fire resistance for more than 60 minutes (according to EN 1364-1: 2015).

  • 50% lower carbon-footprint than alternatives (Proof –> TNO doc)
  • Envrionmental cost: 0,91 per sqm vs 2,30 per sqm
  • Sustainable housing (DUBO) approved
  • Non-toxic (0.1% chloride)

The use of MAGOXX Boards in your project are cost efficient because you can use less material.

  • Less material
  • Lightweight (9mm/m2 = 9kg)
  • No OSB needed
  • No additional sub products needed

MAGOXX Board is very cost efficient because it’s very thin yet strong. Furthermore the need for additional products for construction is small because it’s really user friendly. No OSB needed!

High Quality: High Quality Products With Great Impact.

  • Very strong / Highly impact resistant
  • Great insulating properties as sandwich panel or for flooring solutions
  • Moisture resistant
  • Sound dampening
  • Lightweight

Endless applications and finishes for new and renovation projects with MAGOXX® Board

  • Allows for faster building, reducing (total) project cost
  • Glueing, stapling, screwing all possible
  • Fast delivery and customizable sizes
  • Less additional sub-products needed  –> We do not force you to buy expensive kits
    • Tape
    • Screws
  • All finishes possible
    • Wood
    • Ceramics
    • Stone
    • Cork