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MAGOXX Stormstopper

As an answer to the windstopper, windbreaker and vapor permeable foil, MAGOXX® Board supplies the revolutionary MAGOXX® Stormstopper!

This serves as protection against wind and weather for buildings that are still under construction. The Stormstopper ensures that the insulation of the construction remains intact and is not damaged by water.

Weather proof

In a ventilated facade, the vapor barrier will ensure that the inner cavity is not affected by moisture, rain and wind. The rigid plate prevents air leaks. Noise pollution, moisture accumulation and possible heat loss are prevented. The board guarantees the required ventilation behind the facade cladding. This, while the Stormstopper protects the insulation behind. As a result, no damage occurs.

Did you know that the MAGOXX® Stormstoppers are also safe to use in areas with a high salt content (such as along the coastline)?

Sustainable solution

The MAGOXX® Stormstopper makes it possible for 10% of the facade surface to be open. With its gray colour, the panel is less visible through the open joints. The MAGOXX® Stormstoppers are made of one material. This means that no delamination can take place. In other words, no more use of multiple layers. These often loosen over time. The MAGOXX® Stormstopper is certified as sustainable sheet material with an MKI value of €0.91 per m2. MAGOXX® is listed in the database for sustainable building materials.

A cost effective solution

When using the MAGOXX® Stormstopper, only the horizontal seams need to be taped. With other manufacturers, taping of the vertical seams is also required to make the wall completely waterproof. Taping the seams on MAGOXX® storm stoppers is more than twice as cheap as competing solutions.

Fire retardant

MAGOXX® Stormstoppers has been tested as A1 sheet and can be combined with any type of insulation material.

Vapor open foils vs MAGOXX® Storm stopper

The MAGOXX® Stormstopper is made of the environmentally friendly material magnesium oxide. Vapor permeable foil, on the other hand, is made of plastic. In addition to the fact that plastic is environmentally unfriendly, the transport of the vapor-permeable foil also causes problems. When vapor-permeable foil is transported, it catches wind and starts to flutter. This ensures that it is not tidy, or even damaged upon arrival. MAGOXX® Stormstoppers, on the other hand, consist of a sturdy, environmentally friendly material.

Fire resistant
Weather resistant
Easy to assemble
Technical information

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Processing information

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Product range

The MAGOXX® Stormstopper is available in grey. If applied correctly, we offer 3 to 12 months of guaranteed protection against wind and water without facade cladding. See the table below for more information per plate type.

Fast delivery

We deliver from a local warehouse in the Netherlands, so we maintain a fast delivery of 2 to 3 working days.