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MAGOXX® Facade

MAGOXX® Board is an ideal fire-resistant and sustainable construction solution for strong, relatively thin and insulating facade cladding. SIP panels are created by applying MAGOXX® Board on a core of lightweight polystyrene foam (EPS), straw, hemp or other insulating material. MAGOXX® Board offers a lot of design freedom. With laminates (wood, veneer, stone) to create innovative decorative panels. Therefor, MAGOXX® Board is the perfect base for finishes with other materials, such as stone strips and cork spray.

Quality over Quantity

MAGOXX® Boards are CE certified by Kiwa. Kiwa is a world top 20 leader in testing, inspection and certification (TIC). With their certification, inspection, testing, training and consultancy services, they create trust in the products, services, processes, (management) systems and employees of our customers. We make sure all of our products are of high quality and made with absolute care.

Sustainable solution

MAGOXX® Boards are energy and material efficient. To produce magnesium oxide, you need only half the temperature of cement and concrete production. Our solution leads directly to a 50% reduction in total CO2 emissions. MAGOXX Board is non-toxic, mold resistant and free of asbestos and silicates. In addition, they are 100% recyclable and have a small ecological footprint.


Weather resistant

Fire resistant

Easy to assemble


Technical information

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Ceramic stone strips

Brick production is highly unsustainable. Kilns used for baking the bricks run seven days a week, all year round. The gas-and energy needed for this process is immens and expensive.

Together with partners, we developed a good alternative for this at MAGOXX®: A sustainable solution with lots of other benefits. With MAGOXX® Board as a fire resistant, lightweight, strong and weatherproof base, ceramic stone strips are glued on the surfaces. These ceramic stones are durable and look as beautiful as the “normal” brick we’re used to. Just as strong, but durable. All the properties that brick offers and more.

Brickstrip is one of the successful examples. In this way we can continue to enjoy the beautiful appearance of brick and we contribute to a healthier climate. 

Spray cork cover

Another sustainable way to finish your facade is a spray cork cover. MAGOXX® Board forms the perfect base for this due to its good affixing characteristics. Spray cork is a very good insulator, water resistant and is a natural and VOC-free product. Besides being a good solution for sustainable constructing, spray cork is also very neat finish resulting in a clean look.

Cut-out design

MAGOXX® Board is easily workable. (Laser) cutting and sawing is no problem for this material, even if you would like to do so near the borders. There will be no breakage or pleading, which gives you a lot of design freedom.

The light and powerful characteristics of MAGOXX® Board ensures that design possibilities for architects always remain executable. Any kind of laminate (wood, veneer, plastic, stone) can be used.

Natural stone facade

Easily attach natural stone onto MAGOXX® boards with Innotec Powerbond glue. Your house will be fire safe, weather resistant and has a beautiful natural look.

Roof covering

Thatched roofs are beautiful, but also a fire hazard. By cladding roof constructions with MAGOXX® Boards, you will create a fire safe environment. MAGOXX® Boards are flame retardant for up to 90 minutes.

Balcony boards

MAGOXX®Board is the perfect product to create balconies. The lightweight and strong characteristics gives your balcony a long life span.

Facade panneling

Use MAGOXX® Board to create facade panels to create a beautiful wooden house look.