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Last week a tragedy happened in Odisha in the town of Bhubaneswar when a fire in a Hospital has claimed 25 lives. Families are in mourning and Politicians cry for action. Ministers spend money to fly the injured people to the best medical centers in Delhi and Mumbai. Hospital management fired three of its staff.

The fire broke out due to an electrical short circuit, fire officials said.


Fire Management

I don’t want to be cynical. How could this incident happen and why did responsible people neglect poor Quality Management while it was reported insufficient each year? It is officially recorded that out of 568 Private Hospitals in the country only three have strict fire management procedures and preventive actions. In other words: 99.5% is not.

It looks as if Hospital management is only caring for its profits and forgetting about the basic care for their customers. Unfortunately it is also the practice our company has come across. We deliver fire resistant building materials that prevents the fire for more than 1 hour (according to strict European Norms) to enter the rooms. New customers rarely ask for the fire resistance of the product, it is just not in the mindset of current customers doing business with us.

It is tragic to see that when these kind of accidents happen, awareness about safety issues arises. We sincerely send our condolences to the Families that remain behind. We hope this accident will also force Management and Politicians to take responsibility and take Quality Management serious.

Quality Management and Withindia Building Solutions

Withindia Building Solutions is an India based company focussed on providing customers pre-fab building solutions. Withindia Building Solutions Empowers Sustainable Living.
In conclusion: one of the key properties of our products (SINH™) based on Magnesium Oxyde (9mm thickness) is the fire resistance of over 60 minutes. Discover all the advantages on our website.


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