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City Hub Hotel in Rotterdam

MAGOXX® Inner walls

City Hub Hotel 

A new, high-profile hotel concept. It is seen as the future for budget hotels. Traditional hotel rooms have been transformed into futuristic rooms, the reception staff has been replaced with an app with a chat function and guests open doors with a digital wristband. That makes this concept ideal for the travel-loving generation “Y” who grew up with technology and online media.

Used materials

MAGOXX® Board inner wall

The project

MAGOXX® Board is the proud supplier of the basic materials for the striking sleeping places in this hotel. MAGOXX® Boards incorporated in SIP panels turned out to be the ideal product to experience these spaces. Despite the thin walls (33 mm), guests get a good night’s sleep thanks to the excellent sound insulation provided by the SIP panels. In addition, MAGOXX® Boards offer the highest fire resistance class (A1), so that the safety of the guests is guaranteed.


New construction project


City Hub Rotterdam

What We Did

Inner wall SIP panels

Creating a fire safe rooms

Noise Isolating rooms