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MAGOXX Board brochures

MAGOXX Board facade | Download PDF here | 1,9 MB

MAGOXX Board inner walls | Download PDF here | 1 MB

MAGOXX Board flooring | Download PDF here | 888 KB

MAGOXX Board ceiling | Download PDF here | 697 KB

MAGOXX Board heating system | Download PDF here | 952 KB

  • MAGOXX Ceiling boards characteristic (9mm + 12mm) here
  • MAGOXX Floor boards characteristic (18mm) here
  • MAGOXX Inner walls characteristic (4mm+6mm+9mm+12mm+15mm) here
  • MAGOXX Facade boards characteristic (4mm+6mm+9mm+12mm+15mm) here
  • MAGOXX Stormstopper characteristic (4mm+6mm+9mm+12mm+15mm) here
  • MAGOXX Heating systeem characteristic (4mm+6mm) here

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