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Sustainable Fire resistant Strong Light Environmentally friendly<br /> Impact resistant Multi-functional Insulating Recyclable Non-toxic Sound dampening

Many before you have chosen to use MAGOXX Boards in their projects. We love to show you some of these projects.

These are some of our recent projects

MAGOXX® is already widely used for project throughout Europe. Together we are changing the way we build into a more sustainable and fire resisting way. The next projects have already used our Board in a great variety of innovating ways. Have a quick look and let them inspire you in ways of working with MAGOXX® Boards.

City Hub Hotel in Rotterdam | MAGOXX Inner walls

At the beginning of 2018, the second CityHub will open its doors in Rotterdam.

MAGOXX® Board is the proud supplier of the basic materials for the striking sleeping places in this hotel. MAGOXX® Boards incorporated in SIP panels turned out to be the ideal product to experience these spaces. Despite the thin walls (33 mm), guests get a good night’s sleep thanks to the excellent sound insulation provided by the SIP panels. In addition, MAGOXX® Boards offer the highest fire resistance class (A1), so that the safety of the guests is guaranteed.

Modular and circular apartment complex in Sassenheim | MAGOXX facade

Modular and circular apartment complex of Hodes Huisvesting in Sassenheim, clad with MAGOXX® facade panels.

Here we were able to contribute to a sustainable new construction project with MAGOXX® Board. Less energy is required to produce our MAGOXX magnesium oxide panels than other facade solutions, such as cement and brick. Sustainable building materials play an important role in our future vision for sustainable building. MAGOXX sheets are not only durable, but also strong, super light, fireproof and weatherproof. No mortar, less clay and with an eye for the planet.

Cut out design MAGOXX facade

MAGOXX® Board is easily workable.

(Laser) cutting and sawing is no problem for this material, even if you would like to do so near the borders. There will be no breakage or pleading, which gives you a lot of design freedom.

The light and powerful characteristics of MAGOXX® Board ensures that design possibilities for architects always remain executable. Any kind of laminate (wood, veneer, plastic, stone) can be used.

Garden shed in Voorburg, Netherlands | Laminated MAGOXX inner wall panels

Freedom in Design with MAGOXX Boards in The garden house project

In this project we have used MAGOXX Board with a wooden appearance finish. This contributes to a natural and chalet like appearance, while staying sustainable and circular.

There are many other finishes with MAGOXX Board possible, such as: Ceramic, Stone, Cork and more

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