Product Performance

All our products are tested to European quality standards

in accordance with ETAG 018: GUIDELINE FOR EUROPEAN


This means all our products have been thoroughly tested

and meet all European directives in the field of health,

safety and the environment.

Test tensile strength

Executed by RDA Bouwtechnologie Utrecht

Quality Assurance

SINH Building Solutions takes great pride in delivering premium quality products as well as prompt technical and customer service. SINH Building Solutions ensures this by implementing strict quality controls in all its product lines. Production batches are marked with a unique serial number and the official MAGOXX® trademark.


Appliction Area/ TypeRecommended Thickness
Exterior Wall Claddingxxx
Interior Partitions & Liningxxxx
Suspended Ceilingxx
Wall Substratexx
Wet Area Backer Boardxx
Balcony Soffitxx
Fire Related Doorxxx
Flooring & Staircase Deckingxxx
Acoustic Underlaymentxx
Pre-fabricated Buidlingsxxx
Vanity & Counter Topsx
Bathroom Podsxxx


The MAGOXX logo

The old logo shown on the right can still be found on sites / browsers and some retailers. The logo and brand name is still owned by SINH Building Solutions. The boards sold under this brand name & logo (6-9-12-18 mm) do not meet the quality standards of the boards sold under the current brand name & logo. These boards are not applicable for facades and contain chloride. If you have questions please contact us at

Old MAGOXX logo

Current MAGOXX logo