This means that our products are tested according to the European directives that apply in the areas of safety, health and the environment.

MAGOXX Board is incombustible (Class A1). When applied correctly an 9mm MAGOXX board can easily attain more than 60 minutes fire resistance (conforming EN 1364-1: 2015)

MAGOXX Board has been CE certified by Kiwa. Kiwa is a world top 20 leader in Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC). With their certification, inspection, testing, training and consultancy services, they create trust in our customers’ products, services, processes, (management) systems and employees.

ETA 15/0634 NB 0620


The strict rules for the fire safety of buildings are clear. Fire safety for construction works and in particular in non-residential construction is a MUST. However, this does not mean that this results in a limitation for the own interpretations of clients, architects and contractors. How fire safety can be achieved depends on the fire safety measures taken. This spectrum runs from the design phase up to and including the use phase. However, these measures only prove their value in relation to each other.

You are probably familiar with building material that makes it possible to delay the development of a fire, or passive fire safety. But how can you take fire safety into account in new construction and renovation projects and what role does the choice of material play in this?

Animation: an introduction (source: YouTube, Brandveilig Bouwen Nederland)

Structural fire prevention and the application of fire-safe building materials.

Due to the increasing demand for these materials, new and improved fire-resistant materials are becoming increasingly available on the market. In addition, the fire safety requirements for buildings are becoming increasingly strict. After all, it is about our safety. Construction products used in Dutch construction must at least meet the requirements of the Building Decree. In the Building Decree, reference is made to the Dutch fire classification for material behavior in the event of fire, including NEN 6064.

However, since a few years the products may also be used that meet the European classification standard NEN-EN 13501-1. The European classification was introduced through the Commission decision (2000/147 / EC) with the aim of creating a common platform for fire safety of buildings.

Passive fire safety

We distinguish five different product groups within passive fire safety:

• Fire resistant industrial fire doors

• Fire resistant pedestrian doors, curtain walls and glass

• Fire retardants for wood and other board materials

• Fire-resistant penetrations

• Fire-resistant structures

Magnesium Oxide Board material

Every building material has its own fire-resistant properties.Magnesium oxide sheet material falls into the category of fire-resistant structures. (Of course these boards can also be used in fire doors, but we will devote another article to that) It is a relatively new type of material in the Netherlands and also in Europe. It is also called MgO for short. The material has many unique properties and one of them is that it is non-flammable. It is about being specific to the European fire class A1 of materials, the highest attainable category. (according to European Standard EN 13501-1)

Fire Safety Test


CE Certified